What is Refinance?

Banks often loan money out to finance a real estate purchase, property improvements, or home equity lines of credit. In exchange for the loan, the bank often charges the property owner an exorbitant amount of interest and requires a signature on a mortgage. Should the owner fail to repay the loan, the bank may foreclose on the mortgage and take ownership over the property. On occasion, the bank may allow the homeowner to refinance their mortgage. In this process, a title company like River City Title becomes involved.

Title Research

A bank will often hire a title company to research any and all information on the title of property. The lender wants some form of assurance that the applicant of the loan is the legal owner of the piece of real estate. Any issues with the title will also become evident during this research process. River City Title handles such research for banks and even individuals who require such information.

The Refinancing Process

When refinancing your mortgage, the bank often hires a title company to perform a thorough title search. Should there be no issues with the title, the title company can then move forward with the refinancing process. The amount needed to pay off an existing mortgage, settlement fees, and additional funds will be determined in closing documents. Upon signing the settlement agreement, refinancing of your mortgage commences, so you may successfully repay the home loan promptly.

As a title company, River City Title handles all of the background processes and paperwork involved with refinancing. We are a direct line between the lender and the borrower.

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If you require refinancing services for your home’s mortgage, please do not hesitate to call River City Title at 309-282-4915. We understand how trying this time may be for you and your family, and we would like to make the process as smooth as possible for you.



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